To billions of people the Bible is known as the “good book” and God as a loving Being, someone to turn to in the hour of need. Almost anyone who believes in God holds that faith in Him is well placed. Ultimately faith in God should result in a sense of calm amidst the storms, an assurance that all will be well. Most of the world believes in a Supreme Being, so why is there so much anxiety today?

Governments around the world are desperately trying to restore stability to their crumbling economies. Veritable mountains of money are being thrown at a growing list of bewildering problems. Dollars, euros, pounds, yen, yuan, rubles, and rupees have been and are being spent. Brilliant economists, outstanding businessmen, successful investors, and political leaders offer up proposals, ideas, and potential solutions to the problems. Many of the suggestions are excellent: better laws and regulation, more transparency, stimulus plans, and debt relief, to name a few. So far all these noble efforts have not halted the downward spiral. There is a very simple and fundamental reason why. Too many people have lost hope in the future.

Sentiment around the world has changed. The unbridled optimism of just a few years ago that spawned hope has been dashed. The world was talking about achieving truly great things. Plans were being implemented to wipe out malaria, turn back the tide of HIV-AIDs, and bring the world out of poverty. Indeed in the last twenty-five years more people have risen out of poverty than in the history of the world. Free trade was lifting all the world’s boats. More and more people were living in freedom with one human rights victory after another. In a matter of months everything has unraveled as if we knew deep inside that it was all too good to be true.

Embedded deep within the human race are the nagging feelings of doubt and guilt. Around the world cultures, faiths, and traditions have held that the end of the world would be very ugly indeed. Leaders in government and business are fighting a tide of despair, born of deeply held religious conviction. How do you fight that? What is the antidote to the poison injected into the human race by the avalanche of bad news? What is the antidote to the incredible special effects that depict the end on television and in movies? What is the antidote to the flood of books, supposedly based on Scripture, that depict a horrible end for all but a lucky few at the hands of an angry and vengeful God?

The antidote is to prove them all wrong by using God’s very own words. The antidote is to use the Bible to expose error and misunderstanding. Within the Bible is God’s plan to spare mankind from the long-awaited doom. To the contrary of what most of us have been taught, the end of the world is a great time to be alive! Mankind’s best days lie just ahead. The nations and peoples of this beleaguered planet are about to experience something wonderful and grand! What you see around you – our cities, towns, and villages, our forests, rivers, oceans, and mountains – are about to enter the long-awaited Millennium. The Millennium is a thousand-year period that will get better, cleaner, and more beautiful with each passing day. Money, stimulus plans, and better laws are good things, but without hope for a better future, they have nothing solid to build on. God’s plan provides that solid foundation, a foundation upon which hope is well placed. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “The power of hope upon human exertion and happiness is wonderful.” That power is just getting started, and when it has its full head of steam, the sentiment of despair will disappear like the shroud of fog at the dawn of a sunny day!

We face many vexing problems today, but that has been mankind’s lot for 6,000 years. There seems to be one crisis after another. There really is one huge difference today. The God who created the family of man and loves us all is about to liberate the human race. He has spent six millennia preparing to deliver the human race from the tyranny that has been the source of our misery. Mankind’s best days are truly just ahead

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