March/April Greetings from the Great Lakes!

Winter is preparing to release its icy grip on the upper Great Lakes.  Soon the deadness of winter will be replaced by the burst of life that accompanies spring.  Buds on the trees, shoots of green grass, and springtime wild flowers will be in abundance.  The world will once again be new!

If you have been reading A Word in Season for a while, then you know that earth’s seasons were designed by God to help us understand His plans for mankind.  Furthermore, His plans are outlined in His holy days, which occur at specific points during the earth’s seasons.  The placement of each holy day corresponds with the prophetic meaning of the day.  In other words, there is a spiritual seasonal progression which is occurring over a long span of time that is matched yearly by the physical seasons and God’s holy days.  Those with eyes to see and ears to hear know that a fantastic and wonderful change of season is now getting underway.