Good News: Poverty May Be Nearly Gone by 2030

A recent article provided some immensely encouraging news from analysts: “Poverty across the planet will be virtually eliminated by 2030, with a rising middle class of 2 billion people pushing for more rights and demanding more resources, the chief of the topU.S.intelligence analysis organization said Saturday.  If current trends continue, the 1 billion people who currently live on less than $1 a day will drop to half that number in roughly two decades, Christopher Kojm said in a preview of the National Intelligence Council’s global forecast at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado.”

A burgeoning middle class spells change for many poverty-stricken areas.  According to the article, “Middle class people have middle class values and aspirations for greater individual empowerment…”  One of the middle class values is industriousness—the willingness to work.  You may request our free CD or transcript of “The Virtue of Industriousness” for more information.

Source:  “U.S.analysts see poverty nearly gone across the planet by 2030” by Kimberly Dozier, Detroit Free Press, July 29, 2012.