Good News: Observing Creation Yields Another Breakthrough

In many ways dogs have proven to be man’s best friends.  They have long been known as faithful companions, and we keep finding more and more ways for good dogs to improve the human condition.  The list keeps growing—service dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, tracking dogs, and search and rescue dogs.  Add to the list disease sniffing and diagnosing.

“A Breath of Cancerous Air” in Bloomberg Business Week March 5-11, 2012, states, “A few years ago researchers inCalifornia received widespread attention for showing that dogs can smell cancer on a human’s breath.  With 99% accuracy canines could detect if a person has lung or breast cancer, beating the best figure from standard laboratory tests.  Subsequent studies confirmed the results and provided further evidence that dogs really are man’s best friend.

“The problem with cancer-detecting dogs is that, well, they’re dogs.  Hospitals haven’t embraced the idea of a diagnostic tool that poops, barks, and requires feeding.  With such concerns in mind, technology start-ups have hustled to build digital devices that can mimic the dogs’ olfactory sense and reduce the need for biopsies and CAT scans.”

Inspired by one of God’s creatures, a small company called Metabolomics has a working digital dog nose that is 80% accurate in testing for certain cancers.  They are planning on rolling out an upgraded version that is 100 to 1000 times more sensitive.  Another small company called Menssana Research is working on a similar system to detect pulmonary tuberculosis.

God’s creation is just beginning to yield the “beautiful thoughts of God” to those people willing to observe and learn.