A Christian View of America’s Influence on the World

Throughout history mankind has often embarked on a course with dramatic impact on societies, cultures, and nations.  In this day and age a shift in direction in one nation often drags the whole world in that direction.  Nowhere is this more true than in the United States.  Of course Europe has had directional impact for centuries, Russia for the last 100 years, and now China and its Asian neighbors.  At this point in time, the United States is still the nation with the most impact on earth.  Therefore its paths of choice culturally, economically, socially, morally, and ethically have outsized consequences for the rest of the world.

Without a doubt the most critically needed assistance for this world today is the wisdom, guidance, and blessings that only God can provide.  Divine Providence tells us that ideas have consequences, actions produce reactions, and choices are critical.  It is as if there are divine equations in which the chosen inputs on one side result in very predictable outcomes on the other.

The preferred results, often termed “blessings,” become reality when either by accident or careful forethought humanity uses its free moral agency and gift of reason to make good decisions.

A course once decided usually has long-term consequences, whether good or bad.  If by stubbornness or foolishness a course is pursued even though its results become more and more evident, history reveals that calamity awaits.

The good news is that we don’t have to learn the hard way.  The better news is that we still have time to avert calamity.  And the best news is that biblical prophecy reveals that mankind will soon make the right decisions in droves to secure untold and uncountable blessings.  It starts with true knowledge and the will to act upon it.

With warmest regards in His service,

John J. Blanchard, Pastor